This site democratizes base wage data as provided by the official government verified data sources. It makes it searchable, filterable, provides aggregation over the data and is super fast to use. It can also allow you to search across report years, something which you can't normally do if you use the excel files provided by the department.
I'm glad you asked. Just so many things like:
  • If you're an employee you can check your base wages against the market rates to evaluate your compensation.
  • If you're a recruiter or manager making an offer, be sure to check the market and the competitor salaries to successful convert the candidate to a happy employee
  • If you're a candidate negotiating with companies, be sure to know what range of salaries exist for those companies based on location and job title. If you counter with too much it may put off the hiring managers. If you counter with too little, you're leaving money on the table
  • If you're just a curious person, play with the charts and see how job titles and companies are trending. Which locations are hot in the US?
Sure. Feel free to download this data at or
No, but entries that are obviously wrong like million dollar salaries for rank and file employees are removed and cleaned up.